About Us 

Josh Wilking, Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisorJosh Wilking is founder and owner of Josh Wilking Accounting Services based in Colorado Springs. Josh is passionate about helping his small business and nonprofit clients reach their goals, gain peace of mind, and take their accounting function to a higher level. He goes far beyond entering historical transactions and strives to be the accountant that stands out by setting up the right processes on the front end, so that the right kind of information comes out on the back end.

Josh is a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor. Josh offers outsourced controller services as well as tax return preparation for his current clients. Clients say working with Josh is like having a controller on staff for your small business, but without the full time salary expense of a CFO.

Some of the recent projects he’s been working on with clients include helping one nonprofit client catch up on filings after their Executive Director left. He was able to get more than $5,000 in IRS penalties waived. Josh worked with an individual that was having local taxes withheld from her office location. After Josh found out she worked from home most of the time, he was able to get the client a refund of those local taxes, amounting to more than $2,000 for the client. Another project included working with a local school district on their monthly closing cycle and speeding it up by 8 days each month.

Prior to starting his own business in 2008, Josh held accounting positions with a city housing authority, a nonprofit real estate developer and a construction company.

Josh earned a degree in Accounting from Franklin University. When he is not working, he enjoys hiking with wife, sightseeing while traveling, and watching The Walking Dead and Office Space (a movie).