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Churches have special needs when it comes to financial and accounting requirements.  We love working with churches and have many years of experience with church accounting.  Here are a few unique requirements of churches and our approach to church accounting:

Simplified fund accounting.  Fund accounting drives the entire process of church accounting.  We can help you track the many buckets of money that you are responsible for while keeping it as simple as possible.

Pledge tracking and reporting.  When church members want to know where they stand year-to-date with their pledge, we have fast, easy answers for them.

Year-end letters.  We make this task as painless as stuffing envelopes by setting up the accounting system correctly at the start of the year.

Customized, understandable reports.  Do your Board members’ eyes glaze over when the financials are brought out?  We can help you create more meaningful and concise reports.  We can also respond to committee and volunteer requests for special reporting as needs arise.

Volunteers.   We enjoy working with your volunteers and know that they are essential to meeting your budget and running your organization.  We happily work with volunteers with all levels of accounting and financial literacy.

Clergy Payroll.   In addition to regular payroll issues, we understand your special needs, such as housing allowances and FICA/SECA issues.

Annual budget cycle.  We can help make this process easier on all parties by providing personalized guidance based on years of experience.

Audit.  Books that are managed by us will always be audit-ready, and we’re easily able to talk the language of your auditors, keeping it easier on you.

Complimentary Consult

Please give us a call or email us to schedule a free consult to discuss your church accounting needs.