“Josh has helped my business tremendously. He continues to provide me with the advice I need to make strategic purchases, control expenses, and maximize profitability. He has also created an environment that provides me with real-time reporting allowing our business leaders to make critical decisions faster.

Bringing Josh in to manage our accounting was our best overall business decision we have ever made. It has changed how we sell, manage, and grow our business.”

Matt Bender, CEO
Main Street DBAs

“Josh Wilking is well oiled CPA machine. He is knowledgeable and helpful in every aspect of understanding and explaining the often confusing numbers. Josh has helped our business set goals, save money and allocate spending in a way that has transformed our financials into the black.”

Ryan Garity

“As the Wyoming Community Improvement Corporation, (CIC), became an active arm of the City and began acquiring, improving, managing, and disposing of real property, the trustees quickly realized that it needed accounting help that was beyond the expertise that it had in house and entered into an contract for consulting services with Josh Wilking. Josh’s knowledge of accounting practices and his professional competence quickly became apparent. He provides, accurate, timely, and easy to understand financial reporting to the CIC and keeps the trustees abreast of legislative changes and various filing deadlines. I would not hesitate to recommend Josh to friends or colleagues.”

Terrance A. Vanderman, Community Development Director
City of Wyoming, Ohio

“We are a mid-size consulting/staffing firm with offices in two states. Our employees are in several states. Each state has three to four departments to deal with. It gets complicated. Despite our efforts to stay on top of our taxes and financial responsibilities we still run short of a perfect system. As a result we have had to pay penalties and notices of defaults etc.

Josh Wilking came highly recommended by our peers so we decided to try out his services. Not only Josh was able to take control of our accounting in a very short period of time but he has put together a very nice system of checks and balances so we stay on top of everything including cash flow planning and seven states we deal with. Josh is a real professional with a very personal able demeanor. Not found in accountants usually. He is really a breed apart. I highly recommend Josh.

Mike Ahmed

“I have been fortunate in working with Josh as a client in two companies. Each time Josh provided insight and guidance in our business approach to insure compliance and best practice for accounting requirements. He introduced a number of techniques and technologies to streamline our accounting operations, allowing us to focus on our core business. I consider Josh a trusted advisor and true business partner.”

Eric Clark

“Josh is makes financial questions easy and uncomplicated to the non-financial mind. He makes complicated matters easy and non-threatening while being efficient and thorough in his work. His calm and relaxed nature makes him easy to work with and very approachable in complicated matters. I enjoy working with someone as honest, kind and respectful as Josh.”

Rev Heather Schimmel
Norwood Christian Church

“Josh is a QuickBooks® WIZ!

When I opened my bike shop, I tried a few old school CPA’s who were not up to date on the newest technology of Point Of Sale systems. My software downloads a file right from my POS into QuickBooks® and Josh knew immediately where the data was going and where he needed to move it to make my books accurate. Josh had 6 months of book keeping down in under three hours and we’ve been together ever since. Josh files our taxes every year too. He is a genius with numbers and is always super easy to work with.”

Judi LoPresti
Spun Bicycles

“We’ve been working with Josh for almost two years and he’s the best accountant we’ve had. We’ve worked with multiple and he’s the only one to have a solid understanding of QuickBooks® and the issues of a small business. Josh fixed and cleaned up our QuickBooks® file and taught us how to use the program better. I would highly recommend Josh for any business.”

Bret Schneider
WOW Windowboxes

“My name is John Baldwin, Owner of Right At Home in Perrysburg, Ohio. Josh has been doing our books for about 2 years and we have been extremely pleased with his services. Josh does our monthly closeouts, yearly budget, assists with taxes, and is available when needed for accounting questions. Josh has helped us with issues related to 401k funding and other financial related issues as they arise. Josh is very responsive when it comes to questions and problems, usually getting back within the same day. I would recommend Josh and his accounting services to anyone seeking this type of help.”

John Baldwin
President / Owner
Right At Home in Perrysburg, Ohio

“I used to get all nervous when it came to tax time, but, now that I use Josh Wilking, I don’t stress out at all. Very personable to work with; when I first started with him it was like I knew him forever.”

Mary Viox

“WHS Associates / Aynies Catering has been trusting our accounting to Wilking Accounting for several years. Wilking Accounting is like having an staff accountant. They are readily available and very responsive. It has freed us up to run our business without worrying about filing taxes, doing payroll, filling out sales tax and all the other government forms that seem to come daily. We find Mr Wilkings advice valuable in growing our business. Its great to know that we have an honest reliable asset working with us. We simply do not worry about taxes and payroll because it is always done right and on time. We highly recommend Wilking Accounting.”

Bill Schatzel

“I have worked with other accounting professionals and Josh is by far the most helpful and pleasant one to work with. He is extremely knowledgeable and not only always knows the solution to whatever my dilemma might be, but shares time-saving tips that I have used with my church accounting and my personal business accounting as well.”

Jane Mattes
St. James Episcopal Church, Cincinnati, Ohio

“My husband and I have been using Josh’s services for 3 years now. He is a very trustworthy, efficient, and knowledgeable accountant that definitely took the stress out of preparing our taxes. Josh took the time to answer all of our questions and gave us confidence that our complicated tax returns were accurately prepared. We already have friends and family utilizing his services.”

Jamie Moore

“Josh Wilking is a great accountant who we are very pleased to work with. Our organization has dealt with him now for several years and have found him to be accommodating, knowledgeable, efficient and honest; all that you’d want in a business professional.”

Derrick Robinson
Executive Director of the non-profit Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance

“Josh Wilking has been preparing our personal and business taxes for several years. He takes time to listen and answers questions in layman terms that we can understand. Josh helps us prepare for all tax preparation by providing instructions about having the proper documentation required for filing city, state, and federal taxes. Josh is the best CPA we have ever worked with. Thank you Josh for all that you do for us.”

Kay & Harry Teetz

“Since I started working with Mr. Wilking he has completely updated and organized my accounting system. He is hard working, dedicated and takes a vested interest in managing your business the correct way. Josh also allows for an environment that is transparent as well as educational he will take the time to explain or answer any question you may have.”

Matthew J. Russo
CEO, Gourmet Management, LLC

“Five-years ago my husband and I opened a business called Right at Home. Right at Home offers at home senior care services. At the time I had worked for twenty-six (26) years in the home health care field, as a nurse, and later a manager. However, being a manager and being an owner are two different things, as I learned. Our business struggled because we could not establish a working relationship with an accountant, who first, wanted to understand how our business worked, two, a person who wished to teach us how to operate a business from the accounting standpoint. Thankfully, we found both with Josh Wilking. Josh did not try to sell us on his services, he only offered to look at our account to see if he could be of any assistance. My husband and I were amazed to say the least at the manner in which he reviewed our business accounts and the questions he asked, in order to understand how our business operated. Two years later, our business has grown into a well-managed company, we can thank Josh Wilking for helping us achieve our goals. The one aspect that I truly admire about Josh is when he speaks to us about our business, he always uses the word “We.” Josh is truly a member of our Right at Home team; we are privileged to have him. I would encourage any business to consider Josh as their accountant and more importantly as a teacher, you won’t be sorry.”

John and Cathy Queen
Right at Home, Ceredo, WV

“Josh has been providing accounting services for Latitude Capital Inc for the past few years. I have been consistently impressed by both Josh’s attitude towards his work and his performance. He is professional, reliable and easy to communicate. I feel he would be an asset for any client.”

Danuta Connell

The Loveland Area Chamber of Commerce is grateful to Josh Wilking for helping us get our financials back on track after there was a gap in leadership. The financials were in need of updating and our taxes were in need of attention. Josh was very pro active in getting us back on track in only a few months. He has been an active part of our organization and understands our needs because of his involvement. After working with Josh for only one year, we have turned around our financial situation to show a positive outcome. Josh was very patient in explaining best practices and standard accounting practices to our staff. Our organization is financially stable and exceeding our boards expectations.

CeeCee Collins
Loveland Area Chamber of Commerce

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